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"Pre-Made" Box Digital Blueprint Designs

A “pre-made” design is a digital blueprint file that has already been created and can be used as a guide to build your own subwoofer box. Once purchased I will email you a digital document that can be printed or viewed on your phone/computer. (Please note you are purchasing a digital document that is sent via email. Wood and other construction materials are NOT included.)
Below you will find a library of “pre-made” designs for purchase. To order please follow these steps:
  1. Select a subwoofer size.
  2. Choose the air volume closest to the manufacturer's suggested volume for a ported box.
  3. Select 32HZ or 35HZ for tuning and complete your order.​
Please allow up to 8 hours to receive the email, although it is often received immediately.
Do you need a custom design blueprint for your exact subwoofer, vehicle, and musical preferences/tuning? If so please purchase a custom design HERE.
8" Subwoofer Designs:
10" Subwoofer Designs:
12" Subwoofer Designs:

Note: "Pre-Made" Designs are designed based off average data collected from the most popular subwoofer models. Actual final internal air volume and tuning will vary slightly based upon the subwoofer model that is used. "Pre-Made" designs are available as a solution for those that need a design quickly, and as they are “pre-made” I am able to offer them at a lower cost than a custom created design. For optimal performance a custom design made for the exact subwoofer, vehicle, and musical preferences is suggested. Purchase a custom design here.