"Pre-Made" Box Digital Blueprint Designs

A “pre-made” design is a digital blueprint file that has already been created and can be used as a guide to build your own subwoofer box. Once purchased you will be immediately be emailed a digital document that can be printed or viewed on your phone/computer. (Please note you are purchasing a digital document that is sent via email. Wood and other construction materials are NOT included.)
Below you will find a library of “pre-made” designs for purchase. To order please follow these steps:
  1. Select a subwoofer size.
  2. Choose the air volume closest to the manufacturer's suggested volume for a ported box.
  3. Select 32HZ or 35HZ for tuning and complete your order.​
Do you need a custom design blueprint for your exact subwoofer, vehicle, and musical preferences/tuning? If so please purchase a custom design HERE.
8" Subwoofer Designs: