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I help you choose Subwoofer(s) and Amplifier(s)! (Email Response)

You want some bass? We all do! But what subwoofer(s) and amplifier combo is going to be best for your vehicle? I, Mark from CAF, can help you choose!


I don't sell car audio gear so I can provide an unbiased opinion on what would be best for your application! Allow me to put my years of experience to work for you to help you make the right choice the first time you upgrade your vehicle.


How does it work?

Once you place your order I will send you an email with a list of questions about what you are looking to do. Your answers to these easy to answer questions will help me identify how to best select the gear for your system based on your budget, goals, vehicle, and brand preferences. I will then research your application and send you a my recommendations via email that will be a great choice for your car audio system.


What is included?

Once I receive your information I spend time carefully selecting and researching the right subwoofer(s) and amplifier for your system. I then send recommendations via email.


What is not included?

  • This service does not include recommendations for subwoofer box air volume / tuning (although I can make recommendations for the type of enclosure and size/quantity of subwoofers I recommend). For getting the perfect subwoofer enclosure design for your application please use my box design service.
  • This service does not include the selection of gear for the electrical system. Selection of batteries, alternators, and other power equipment requires testing and more time consuming calculations that are outside the scope of this service. 
  • This consultation does not give you a "tech support hotline" to call or email with unlimited questions. I'm here to help the best I can but once answers are provided for the gear for your system along with a few initial questions this service is considered fulfilled.


Disclaimer: Fitment of items into a vehicle can vary from year to year and model to model of vehicle. I do my best to make sure I select gear that will properly fit but with the constant change of gear and vehicle space I cannot be held responsible for gear that doesn't correctly fit or work for your application. Using my recommended gear list is at your own risk. No gear is included with the sale of this consultation. 

I help you choose Subwoofer(s) and Amplifier(s)! (Email Response)

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