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Rear Seat / Wall - Subwoofer Blueprint Design

Need to build a custom subwoofer enclosure for your car and plan on making a large wall? I can help! In order to get the best performance it is critical to use a good subwoofer enclosure design. Use a CAF blueprint design as a guide to make the build process easy! This custom blueprint design can be printed or viewed on a smartphone or computer and is made specifically for your vehicle, your subwoofer(s) and your musical preferences, getting you the best performance for your specific application.


You are purchasing a digital document sent via email. NO materials are included or shipped


Subwoofer Enclosure Blueprint Design Includes:

  • Digital blueprint design sent via email with all dimensions for each piece of the box
  • Assembly views detailing box construction
  • Artistic rendering with box information
  • Predicted response details
  • Links to instructional videos and recommended materials


How does this work?

Please select your options and fill out each text box, then add to cart and complete the check-out process. Once I received your order I contact you via email to discuss design details and help answer any questions you may have. I look forward to helping with your project! ~ Mark



Rear Seat / Wall - Subwoofer Blueprint Design