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JL Audio 12W1v3 - 1.60 Cubic Ft @ 32HZ

1.60 Cubic Ft @ 32 HZ
13.00" x 30.00" x 15.00"

16 page design with all dimensions


NOTE: This product is a digital blueprint design document that will be sent to your email. You use this digital document as a guide to build your own box. The document is PDF format and can be opened on a smartphone or computer and can also be printed.

This printable .pdf box design is for a JL Audio 12W1v3 Subwoofer. This design features tuning that presents a favorable ripple in response for those who love bass. It also features low air speed velocity so that port air noise is of no concern. This box design also features a double baffle and bracing for added strength which eliminates unwanted resonances.

The image shown is a sample of the first page of the print pack, the design you will be emailed has all dimensions for this box design. Use of this design is at your own risk. Best practice installation methods and amplifier set up must be completed by the installer of the enclosure once built.

JL Audio 12W1v3 - 1.60 Cubic Ft @ 32HZ

$95.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
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