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New to custom car audio? START HERE!

If you are new to custom car audio and installing your own speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and audio gear you may think that just buying the best gear will automatically get great sound, but there is more to this! We need to develop our install, fabrication and design skills! In this video I give an overview of many of the helpful topics that you will need to understand in order to achieve an amazing sounding car audio system!

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🔨 Recommended Videos (in order of mention):

✔️ How to Test Ground -

✔️ Upgrade these electrical items -

✔️ Calculate WIRE GAUGE SIZE -

✔️ Fuses EXPLAINED! -

✔️ Electrical System Design for 3 amps -

✔️ Make a fuse bracket -

✔️ Solder Station -

✔️ Picking a Car Audio Amp -

✔️ Picking Amazing Sounding Speakers! -

✔️ Picking a Subwoofer -

✔️ What should you upgrade first -

✔️ Designing subwoofer box -

✔️ 3D Printing Dash Speaker Pods -

✔️Precision Acrylic Speaker Adapters -

✔️STACK Subwoofer Box -

✔️ Subwoofer Box Beauty Panel Build -

✔️ Deadening Treatment EXPLAINED -

✔️Amplifier Tuning Settings -

✔️ How to Tune a DSP -

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