JL Audio's Full Cadillac Build is PACKED with AMAZING DETAIL!

I recently went to the MasterTech EXPO and JL Audio was one of the many manufactures at the event. Along with several other demo vehicles JL brought a Cadillac with a FULL build. This build features JL Audio's C7 Component speakers, W7 Subwoofers, and VXi series amplifiers. Better yet all of the gear is tuned with TüN™ 4 software and the MAX measurement system. This build was packed with tons of high level fabrication too! Watch as I talk with Matt from JL to review the build!

🔊 Learn more:

✔️ C7 Speakers: https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-speakers-c7

✔️ W7 Subwoofers: https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-subwoofers-w7ae

✔️ VXi Amplifiers: https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-amplifiers-vxi

✔️ TüN™ 4: https://www.jlaudio.com/pages/discover-tun%E2%84%A2-4-0-jl-audio-s-dsp-tuning-software

✔️ MasterTech EXPO: https://www.mastertechexpo.com/

A special thanks to JL Audio for being a sponsor of the channel!

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