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IMPROVE SOUND! Deadening Treatment EXPLAINED - Better Bass and Improved Sound Quality!

When installing an aftermarket car audio system the new more powerful speakers can make the interior panels vibrate and resonate. Sound deadening allows us to not only prevent rattles, but to improve our sound quality and bass output! We can also treat the vehicle interior to lower the noise floor making it easier to hear details within the music without needing to play as loud to overcome noise! How is this process done for cars, SUV's Vans and Trucks? Let's take a look on CAF Project Jetta, my current build I am working on!

A special thanks to SoundShield for sponsoring this video!

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"Entry Level" Sound Treatment Video -

🔨 Tools and Materials:

✔️ SoundShield, Slim and WrapIt -

✔️ Clear Tracing Tape -

✔️ My Favorite Knife for Sound Treatment -

✔️ Roller -

✔️ Punches -

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🔊 Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

0:38 Budgets Explained

1:53 Materials Needed

2:39 Demo of Benefits

4:15 Removing the Door Panels

5:23 Treating Back of Door Panels

10:46 Treating Sheet Metal of Door

13:06 Treating Inside Door

14:37 Testing Doors, Treating Interior

16:29 Treating the Trunk

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