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How To Install Stereo IN MODERN CARS - Keep steering controls, backup cam & ADD AFTERMARKET UPGRADES

Today's vehicles have car stereos that are different than even 5 years ago. It is very uncommon to be able to just use a simple adapter harness. Wire harnesses now need to have advanced "brains" that talk to the vehicles computer system and allow you to retain features like steering wheel controls, back-up cameras and other factory features. How can you determine if your vehicle's radio can be replaced with an aftermarket head unit? What parts are needed? What does the install process look like? In this video I explain!

👉 For determining what car audio gear you need for your vehicle I recommend Crutchfield! I have used them for years, long before the channel was started. Thank you to Crutchfield for sponsoring this video!

👉 Learn more about the Sony XAV-AX5500 -

Video Guide:

0:00 Intro

2:05 How to pick gear that fits YOUR car

5:44 Unboxing the Gear

7:36 Connections & Wiring Explained

12:28 Connecting Wires

13:23 Head Unit Overview

15:33 Assembling the Fit Kit

16:26 Removing the Stock Stereo

17:41 Installing the new Head Unit

19:48 Powering Up & Testing

22:42 Conclusion

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