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Finish like a pro! Custom Subwoofer Box Upholstery /Coating - Step by Step!

When we build a custom subwoofer enclosure we need to determine how we are going to give it a finished appearance. Staining wood, or simply wrapping with carpet is one way, but another is to use upholstery vinyl, and a special coating made specifically for speaker enclosures. In this video I upholster this subwoofer and beauty panel build and give you tips along the way!

🔊 For wire and power distribution parts check out KnuKonceptz!

Thank you to them for being a sponsor of the channel making the videos possible!

🔨 Recommended Tools and Materials:

✔️ KnuKonceptz Karma Speaker Wire -

✔️ Upholstery Adhesive -

✔️ Sprayer System -

✔️ Enclosure Coating -

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