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2020 Supra Audio FULL BUILD for SEMA!

I was asked by JL Audio to assist in helping build a 2020 Supra for SEMA. My answer… HECK YES! What makes this a special build for me is this is my FIRST EVER build that will be featured in a booth at SEMA. For this build we will be installing a full audio system with JL Audio C5 component speakers, a VXi 8 Channel Amplifier, 10” TW3 subwoofer and more! The subwoofer will be in a custom built and designed slim enclosure that can be easily removed, and the amplifier under a custom amplifier rack beauty panel that also covers the OEM midbass speakers. I’m very excited to have this opportunity, enjoy this full build log video, from design, to build, to install. :)

▼ Learn more about the JL Audio TW3 subwoofer here:


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