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Introducing the CAF Soldering station!

Soldering wires for a car audio system can be a challenging procedure, but with the CAF Soldering Station you can improve your efficiency and effortlessly create flawless solder connections! 


  • Holds a roll of solder for easy delivery to the wire. The solder can be fed through the guide hole to allow for consistent removal of the solder from the roll. (We recommend Kester Solder Rolls)

  • Protects the surface below the soldering station while soldering (An additional larger mat is also recommended)

  • Has four slots that allow wires to be held in place while soldering, these slots are spaced and angled in a way that allows easy access to soldering each connection. The slots accept a variety of wire sizes (up to 10 gauge depending on the insulation size)

  • Made with "CAF Orange" plastic. This allows you to easily locate and find the tool when needed. (Please use care not to contact the plastic with your soldering iron).

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