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Want to learn how to design, build, and install custom car audio? Get started below!


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What is Car Audio Fabrication?
Welcome to Car Audio Fabrication! Learn to Master Car Audio while I show you how to Design, Build, and Install your ideal Car Audio System. On this site I have step by step tutorials on how to design and build subwoofer boxes and make custom door pods, door panels, under seat sub enclosures, and more. Installing Car Audio items like amplifiers, head units, subwoofers, speakers, and wiring can be a challenge. Allow me, Mark of CarAudioFabrication, to help you! I love car audio and believe everyone should be able to enjoy their ideal audio system. From builds with massive amounts of bass any basshead can enjoy, to audiophile installs with carefully tuned signal processors I want to help you so we can all enjoy high quality sound together and build our community. If this sounds like something that would interest you I would love to have you as a subscriber on my YouTube channel below. I look forward to having you become a part of our community!

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Car Audio Fabrication YouTube

Car Audio Fabrication - Custom Car Audio

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