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VBL #6 - Wiring

Wiring Amps, DSP and Batteries in Project Rebuild
Lesson Overview:
In this video build log we continue to install our CT Sounds amplifiers and Audison digital signal processor. We connect everything to our XS Power Batteries using the connection line of products from Elettromedia. You are going to love the SFD 41C wire distribution block from Connection. It works really well paired with the BBC 41PF Battery Terminal. A special thanks to Elettromedia for providing the Connection brand products, XS Power for providing the battery, WireCare for providing the Techflex and Heatshrink and JK Automotive Designs for providing the Tesa Tape.
Verify that proper fusing techniques are always used. We will discuss more in a future video!
Special Tools and Materials Needed (Click for Link):


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