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Sound Treatment - Trunk and Rear Doors

Quiet Road Noise and Improve Subwoofer Response by applying sound treatment to the vehicle trunk and rear doors.
Lesson Overview:
To get the most performance out of our vehicles sound system it is important that we eliminate road noise and unwanted vibrations within the vehicle. In this particular video we target the trunk area along with the rear doors. For a more specific tutorial on treating doors that have speakers in them please see this page. A special thanks to Second Skin Audio for providing materials for this project.
This video will also show how we use three main types of sound deadening:
  • CLD - Constraint Layer Damper - Prevents Panel Vibration and Loss of Accoustic Energy
  • MLV - Mass Loaded Vinyl - Blocks Airborne Frequencies that get past the CLD
  • CCF - Closed Cell Foam - Decouples materials from vibrating against one another
In this video we cover the "25% method". This means that we only need to cover 25% of the surface area of the sheet metal of the vehicle with CLD material to achieve 99% or the performance gain. Anything past this 25% is likely a waste of effort, time, and materials, and is not likely to net as much performance gain. This is particularly true in the trunk where we have a rear seat and additional sound insulating materials to seperate the trunk from the cabin of the vehicle. Note that it is important to use a high quality CLD material, such as Secon Skin's "Damplifier Pro" for this method to work correctly.
Materials Needed (Click for Link):


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