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Simple Door Pods

Custom Door Pods will allow us to add a different size speaker to a door location and will also allow us to create a custom built piece that can be used to tie into the rest of the install. For our simple door pods we are building pods that will hold a 6.5" component mid bass speaker and tweeter. We will custom form metal mesh for a grill, and have a seperate insert that is wrapped in an accent color vinyl. Watch the videos below to learn how to build simple door pods!

Building Door Pods and other custom items in a vehicle can be done easily when you can copy a particular shape using a router bit. You can then use this initial shape to create insert templates to then complete the custom item. In this video I show you how using the Sonus Fit Kit and UPC bit along with the Mobile Solutions Bit Tray Kit you can create some awesome custom door panels for your car audio speakers

When building custom door pods , speaker tweeter pods and other custom car audio items you will often times need to bridge the gap between the OEM panel and the new piece. In this video I show you a great way to do this using fiberglass e-glass and body filler . 


We now need to wrap our insert with vinyl in order to accent our car audio door pods . We do this with upholstery vinyl , DAP weldwood , a HVLP gun , and some persistence! 

Time to make custom grill mesh for protecting or woofer and tweeter on our new custom door pods!

In this video we learn how to wrap a custom part with vinyl fabric . This is common for upholstery and with the best adhesive for upholstery an easy task. I use DAP weldwood Landau Top and Trim Adhesive for the best results.

Ever wonder how to mount custom door pods? In this video I will teach you how its done in a way that is secure and will prevent rattling. 

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