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Sound Treatment - Front Doors

Increase your Mid Bass and cut down on road noise in your car using sound deadening!
Lesson Overview:
In order to get the most out of our front speakers we need to take some steps installing sound deadening, and do it properly. This video will show you how you can improve your mid bass by making your door into more of a cavity simulating a subwoofer enclosure. A special thanks to Second Skin Audio for providing sound treatment products for this video along with JK Automotive Designs providing TESA Tape products and Mobile Solutions providing tools. 
This video will also show how we use the three main types of sound deadening:
  • CLD - Constraint Layer Damper - Prevents Panel Vibration and Loss of Accoustic Energy
  • MLV - Mass Loaded Vinyl - Blocks Airborne Frequencies that get past the CLD
  • CCF - Closed Cell Foam - Decouples materials from vibrating against one another
Tools and Materials: (Click for link)
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