Wall Subwoofer Blueprint Design

Need to build a custom subwoofer enclosure for your truck and plan on building a large wall? I can help! In order to get the best performance it is critical to use a good subwoofer enclosure design. Use a CAF blueprint design as a guide to make the build process easy! This custom blueprint design can be printed or viewed on a smartphone or computer and is made specifically for your vehicle, your subwoofer(s) and your musical preferences, getting you the best performance for your specific application.


You are purchasing a digital document sent via email. NO materials are included or shipped


Subwoofer Enclosure Blueprint Design Includes:

  • Digital blueprint design sent via email with all dimensions for each piece of the box
  • Assembly views detailing box construction
  • Artistic rendering with box information
  • Predicted response details
  • Links to instructional videos and recommended materials


How does this work?

Please select your options and fill out each text box, then add to cart and complete the check-out process. Once I received your order I contact you via email to discuss design details and help answer any questions you may have. I look forward to helping with your project! ~ Mark



Wall Subwoofer Blueprint Design

  • What is a blueprint design?

    • A blueprint design is a digital drawing that I create for you that allows you to easily build your own custom subwoofer box. As we all know to get the best performance out of your subwoofer we need a custom box that is optimized for your application. I use your subwoofer specs, your vehicle specs and your favorite music to 3D design your exact subwoofer box. The blueprint design drawing has all the dimensions you need to make the box, along with assembly views. This makes it easy to build your very own custom subwoofer box that is designed to get the best performance for you. See a sample design here!


    What will my design look like?

    • Based on your subwoofer(s) and system goals I will use my years of design experience to select the best subwoofer orientation (and port location if applicable) for your application. You and I will review this together once an order is placed. 

    How big is the box?

    • These box designs are custom. What this means is after you place an order I email you a simple list of the additional information and rough measurements I need. Since you will be providing the measurements the box I design will fit within your measurements and fit your vehicle. If it won't quite work I will work with you to determine a solution that will.


    Do you use the subwoofers specs for designing the box?

    • Of course! The whole point of building a custom box is to optimize the performance of YOUR exact subwoofers. 


  • Design Advice:

    • Please note it is possible that your vehicle may not have enough room for the box design options you select or the options you choose may not or be the best choice for your application. If this is the case I will notify you and make recommendations for what should be changed.


    Odd shaped enclosures:

    • For vehicle applications where the box cannot be a wedge or rectangular in shape CAF reserves the right to quote additional design time.


    Cosmetic Features:

    • Enclosure upgrades that only enhance the cosmetic appearance of the enclosure (example: viewing windows, logos, etc) will not be shown in the design blueprint. These are up to the builder of the enclosure to add.



    • CAF designs are made in Inch units. For those requiring metric units an additional $10 upgrade will be necessary.