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Molded Door Pods

Custom Molded Door Pods will give us an addition to a door panel that allows us to add larger speakers, or even more speakers than what the OEM design would allow. Additionally we can point the speakers so that they are more on axis with the listener. Finally we can incorporate design features that are on an amp rack or subwoofer box to tie parts of the install together. Check out this video list to see how it is done!

In this episode we will be reviewing in depth the first step of making amazing door pods : the woodwork fabrication. We will be using techniques with our MDF like templates and template design to router the mdf the way we want it. Through a series of different router bits we are well on our way to creating and amazing custom creation that will hold your car audio speakers and play loud, all while looking integrated and stylish. I even show you how to flush mount a speaker. 

CarAudioFabrication asks: Are you tired of the wood wearing out that your speakers are mounted too? You need some threaded inserts! Are you tired of seeing those ugly fasteners? You need to do reverse mount speakers! In this video I teach you though a car audio tutorial how to do both! Mount your subwoofers, subs, speakers, or even amplifier using the threaded insert!

CarAudioFabrication shows how to mold the shape of the door panel you will be making the door pods on. You will be using fiberglass, resin, chop mat, and other custom fabrication materials to create a molded surface that you can use as a basis to mount everything too. You could use these same techniques for creating an amp rack for an  amplifier, or holding subwoofers or a single subwoofer. Be sure to check out the links to the other videos below!


CarAudioFabrication shows Forming the fiberglass shape of the door panels or door pods. In this step we layout our MDF skeleton, wrap it with grill fabric and custom fiberglass the door pods to allow them to have their shape. We will be using fiberglass resin, ( sunflash ), MDF , Chop Mat , cyanoacrylate glue , and grill cloth. 

CarAudioFabrication shows how to apply body filler to the fiberglass door panel pods! Applying "bondo" to the speaker pods will make them smooth and ready for vinyl or paint.

CarAudioFabrication shows how to Vinyl Wrap Fiberglass Door Panels. 

CarAudioFabrication shows how to mount the door pods to the door panels using fasteners. It is important in any car audio install to plan and design with an end goal in mind.

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