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In this video lesson we show you step by step how you can use a box design from us here at CarAudioFabrication to build your very own custom subwoofer box. We will show you some cool tips and tricks that result in a very professional looking enclosure. 

This tutorial aims to teach you not only how to create a subwoofer box but how to add additional styling and design to make it a one of kind masterpiece.

Ever installed new speakers and notice they don't seem to have as much mid bass as your factory speakers? Need to install speakers that won't fit in the factory adapters? In this video we solve both problems by building our own custom speaker adapters and adding F.A.S.T. rings to improve the sound!

In order to get the most out of our front speakers we need to take some steps installing sound deadening, and do it properly. This video will show you how you can improve your mid bass by making your door into more of a cavity simulating a subwoofer enclosure.

To get the most performance out of our vehicles sound system it is important that we eliminate road noise and unwanted vibrations within the vehicle. In this particular video we target the trunk area along with the rear doors.

Making proper robust power connections is important for car audio. In this video we take a look at some high quality techniques for connecting power wires to an amplifier. This could also be used for a battery, distribution block, or other car audio electrical device.

Have you ever dropped your vehicle off for service and immediately questioned the level of care your vehicle will be given? It is important when we work on others vehicles that we protect the vehicle, not only to keep the customer happy, but to protect ourselves from costly repair bills in the even the vehicle is damaged. In this video we will talk about a few ways to protect the vehicle for installation. 

Sometimes an aftermarket battery isn’t readily available for your car audio install in your specific car. XS Power comes to the rescue with aftermarket hold downs that can be used to secure their aftermarket batteries.

Kerfing, by definition means to add a series of cuts to a wood surface, thus allowing it to bend. Bending wood is a valuable fabrication technique as it can be used to create more efficient ports as well as curved surfaces within an install. Let's learn how it's done.

When custom upholstering an item with carpet or vinyl we need to have the right tools and materials. Learn what they are here.

A problem with multi layer enclosures is that volume calculations for subwoofer airspace become very difficult. Using the procedure shown in the video, along with the Calculator file and mail scale below we can simplify the process.



Ever since I first learned about 3D printing my mind started thinking about how it could be used in custom car fabrication. This new technology opens so many possibilities for what is possible. With 3D printers dropping in price even a DIY'er can now afford their own. In the video above we take a look at the Robo3D R1 3D printer. We unbox the unit and learn some valuable start up information. We even print a small speaker pod to show the capabilities. Take a look!

Getting a 3D printer has definitely opened up a whole new world of custom fabrication ideas for car audio. In these videos I test out the idea of printing a 3d printed subwoofer box . 

Template shapes allow us to create very cool installs with interesting eye catching geometry. But if we limit ourselves to the standard shapes our installs are also limited. In this video lesson I show you a technique that allows you to make you own shapes from scratch!

Using a shop vac for dust collection is normally ineffective, the vacuum filter simply becomes clogged far too easily, but by adding in a dust cyclone we can keep the filter perfectly clean! This allows the vacuum to provide more suction and makes dust disposal a breeze! Learn how we built our system in this video!


For the longest time I have always clamped my work piece to a cheap table when making router cuts, the problem is I often cut into the table surface ruining it, and I always have to clamp the work piece. Clamps get in the way and waste time. In this tutorial we create a clamp free router cutting station that will save your bench top!


Building a custom subwoofer box is a fun project that when done correctly can really add to the overall experience of a car audio system. But beyond the subwoofer bass and music it’s fun to make the box look cool as well. This lesson shows how.

Building a speaker stand may not be car audio but there are still some great techniques in this build you could use in a custom car audio project. In this video Katie and I build a custom speaker stand. The stand features hidden wiring and “ plexiglass “ side panels that will be painted. The sides will also be wrapped in upholstery vinyl.

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