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Installing an Amplifier? MOUNT THE FUSE CORRECTLY!
Jeep Build Episode #7
Lesson Overview:
When you install a car audio amplifier you MUST add a fuse to the main power lead. The fuse should be as close to the battery as possible. But sometimes it's hard to determine: Where do you mount the fuse holder in the engine compartment? In this video I make my own location by fabricating a fuse holder bracket and mounting it using a stock bolt location!
Tools used (Click for Link):
Amp Install Kit
Need to Install two amps? This kit is very helpful!
Silver Sharpie
Easily mark dark items like ABS.
Plastic Jig Saw Blade
This blade makes cutting plastics like ABS, HDPE, and Acrylic a breeze!
Axis Shape Creator
Quick Radius
Quickly and easily add a precise corner radius
Use this to copy profiles, the spiral trim works great for plastics.
Chamfer Bit
Keep your fingers safe!
Center Punch
Mark precise locations for drilling.
Drill and Tap
Add threads to metal or plastic with this kit.
Olfa Knife Pro
The installers best friend. Extremely sharp and very handy!
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