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Announcing CAF Project Jeep Build! Over the next few months I will be doing a full install within a Jeep Wranger. This install will feature a custom subwoofer box and amplifier rack with the goal of retaining a stealth and low profile appearance but still adding a ton of sound! Join me as I take you through the process step by step. 
Whenever I kick off a new car audio project  I like to get a baseline measurement of a few different very important aspects of the system. This helps me determine a good plan for how to best improve the sound. Let's do it for the Jeep!
Sound treating vehicle doors can be a super fast project! Of course since this jeep has no speakers in the door it makes it a little bit easier, but still! In this video I reiterate my point that if you are a shop doing multiple vehicles you should definitely consider making some pre-cut pieces ready to install into common vehicles.
The sound deadening treatment on a vehicle makes it so our speakers don’t have to play as hard to achieve the same relative loudness. It also helps prevent annoying rattles and other noise from interfering with our music. Join me as I install SoundSkins sound deadening material into the Jeep to quiet it down! This material combines butyl rubber and closed cell foam to improve the acoustic environment of the vehicle.
Before you even purchase your first piece of car audio gear for a car audio build you have something very important to consider. "Design Intent". What is the goal with your car audio build? Of course you want it to be loud and sound great, but what about the functionality of the subwoofer box or amp rack? Do you want it to be flashy or stealth? How will you run the wiring to the amps and subs? I explain these important design considerations as I make a plan for project jeep build. 
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