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VBL #9 - False Wall Beauty Panel

Building Beauty Panel Templates to frame in the trunk
Lesson Overview:
Matching up a subwoofer box beauty panel to the side of a vehicle can be a difficult task. In this video I show you how I made the templates for the beauty panels for project rebuild. I start with making the false wall panel for the sub box, but also make the cover panels for the amplifier rack as well. These custom fabricated panels match the shape and profile of the side of the trunk wall of the car. A special thanks to Show Sponsor Mobile Solutions for providing tools and materials used in this video.
Use the techniques shown within the video to capture the shape of the side of the trunk or vehicle interior. Remember that you do not have to use only four pieces of wood, but can use as many pieces as needed to create the entire shape. 
Special Tools and Materials Needed (Click for Link):


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