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VBL #7 - Sound Deadening Car Interior 

Sound Treatment of the vehicle Interior for Project Rebuild
Lesson Overview:
In this Car Audio Fabrication video we should you how we “ Sound Deaden “ a car, or rather the whole process for installing sound deadening within a vehicle. In this video we use the three types of sound insulation. We use Damplifier Pro which is a CLD or Contraint Layer Damper product, we use Luxury Liner which is a Mass loaded vinyl , or MLV for short, and finally we use Overkill which is a Closed Cell Foam or CCF . After watching this video you should have an understanding of what materials are used for what within the sound treatment process. I have used Second Skin Audio for years, long before they sponsored the channel. I have taken apart several installs years later and the adhesive on the CLD is still perfectly in place. Stay away from roofing materials like “ Peel and Seal “ they may be cheap, but it is for a reason, they are not meant to be used in a car environment. A special thanks to Second Skin for supplying products for this video!
CLD (Damplifier Pro) Stops Panel vibrations, MLV (Luxury Liner) Stops Airborne Noise, CCF (Overkill) Stops Mechanical part to part vibrations.
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